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Peter T. Tomaras

Peter T. Tomaras

Firm Overview

Mr. Tomaras specializes in hotel, restaurant and bar cases; he has extensive management experience in all three disciplines.  He is selective as to which cases he undertakes, accepting cases he deems ethically sound—integrity above remuneration. 

Assisting counsel for defendant or plaintiff, he thoroughly researches discovery and legal issues and formulates objective opinions on all case aspects.

Mr. Tomaras writes meticulous, thorough, grammatically-correct reports of expert opinion, including an overview of context and citations from discovery, sometimes referencing case precedent.  At deposition or trial, his teaching background equips him to present authoritative, educational and confident expert-witness testimony.

Mr. Tomaras also advises operators, franchisers, and lenders on hospitality industry management and development projects.

Please note:  Where his practice was formerly international, Mr. Tomaras presently limits his cases to those in Illinois and locations immediately contiguous, such as St. Louis, Quad Cities, and Indianapolis. 

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Attorney Comments

The judge ruled in our favor, citing your testimony as "more credible and persuasive."

We believe your report was influential in the plaintiff's recognizing they had significant issues on liability.

At age 62, in the practice of law since 1979, I have rarely seen an expert witness report equal to this one. Tremendous job! Simply spectacular report.

Thank you… most assuredly your excellent efforts contributed to this result in a significant way.

It appears that with a lot of help from your report, we are going to resolve this matter.

Re: your report--We love it. Clearly, you have been doing this for a while!

We have successfully settled this case. Thank you very much for your help in connection with this matter.

Thanks to your hard work, the case settled about 20 minutes ago. Plaintiff is very happy with the outcome.

You have been available at all times to answer questions and provide us with specific information within your area of expertise.

Peter, you are so good! I really appreciate your very helpful input on this case.

During mediation, a satisfactory confidential settlement was reached… thank you for your efforts. It was a pleasure working with you.

Thank you for your prompt and beneficial assistance throughout this litigation.