Apollo Hotel Experts

Areas of Expertise

  • Management, Operations
  • Standards of Care
  • Premises Safety & Security
  • Fire Safety & Prevention
  • Hospitality Law
  • Beverage (Bar) Operations
  • Food Service Sanitation
  • Employment Law, Labor Issues
  • Accounting Methodology
  • Marketing
  • Franchise, Management Firm Selection
  • Franchise (Licensing) Agreements and Management Contracts

Attorney Comments

Thank you… most assuredly your excellent efforts contributed to this result in a significant way.

It appears that with a lot of help from your report, we are going to resolve this matter.

Re: your report--We love it. Clearly, you have been doing this for a while!

Mr. Tomaras's background uniquely qualifies him as an expert on hospitality operational management. He is well versed in standards of care operators should provide for both customers and employees. He takes particular interest in safety and premises security issues.

He is familiar with the broad spectrum of employment law, and can consult on negligent hiring or wrongful termination, as well as compliance with the increasingly numerous laws on discrimination, including sexual harassment.

Mr. Tomaras is also an expert in management of human resources, specifically effective training to minimize service breakdowns. He consults hotel operators on management or franchise contracts; on creation of marketing plans; and on establishing proper formats for operating statements. After analyzing staffing, processes and accounting records, Mr. Tomaras can consult on implementation of essential cost controls.


Peter T. Tomaras, MBA, CHA, FMP
Ph./Fax: 217-552-1678