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We have successfully settled this case. Thank you very much for your help in connection with this matter.

Thanks to your hard work, the case settled about 20 minutes ago. Plaintiff is very happy with the outcome.

You have been available at all times to answer questions and provide us with specific information within your area of expertise.

Scope of Litigation Support Services

Mr. Tomaras's extensive background in hospitality management, and then in teaching at the college level, has enabled him to provide expert services, from Hawaii to Pennsylvania, in cases stemming from occurrences as varied as:Assaults on hotel guests in their rooms, and on patrons or bystanders at events in hotel public function rooms; Illegal dispensing of alcoholic beverages; Drownings of guests in hotel pools; Fires in hotels and restaurants, including fatalities and injuries; invasion of guest privacy (nude photos at hotel); Underage drinking at a hotel with resultant injury; "assault" by Bedbugs on a hotel patron; foodservice Sanitation and foreign particle in food; and inappropriate entry into hotel room by Intruder. Nearly all of the above turned on whether the hospitality operator provided a reasonable standard of care in the circumstances. Mr. Tomaras has also provided pivotal expert testimony in a case involving a restaurant/landlord non-competition clause challenge. Finally, Mr. Tomaras has advised bankers on proposed hotel and restaurant development projects, and has consulted developers of several new hotel projects, most recently, from conception to opening, developers of a major new conference center hotel on the University of Illinois campus, including training of senior staff in total quality guest service.


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