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Tomaras as Author

From early in his life, Peter Tomaras has been a successful writer. He has published more than 200 non-fiction articles in national, regional, and local magazines and newspapers. Life experiences have inspired him to also write fiction, leading to the 2011 publication of his novel, Resistors, on Amazon.com both as hard copy and e-book, and of a second novel, Innkeeper, in 2015.

Born in Champaign, Illinois of a Greek father and an American mother, Tomaras has spent more than two years of his life in Greece. He was there at the time of the July, 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and subsequently made research trips to Cyprus.
He has travelled to eight European nations, and also Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey. Many of these countries appear in Resistors and Innkeeper.

For more information on the novels, or to obtain a copy of either book, please go to www.amazon.com, enter Peter Tomaras, and check out the impressive reviews.

This page has been added to Mr. Tomaras' business Web site only because the protagonist of Resistors is, among other things, an international hotel security consultant. Hotel security is a special interest in Mr. Tomaras' expert consulting business.