Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise
  • Management, Operations
  • Security & Safety
  • Standards of Care
  • Fire Safety & Prevention
  • Hospitality Law
  • Beverage (Bar) Operations
  • Employment Law, Labor Issues
  • Accounting Methodology
  • Marketing
  • Management Firms, Contracts
  • Franchise, Management Firm Selection
  • Franchise (Licensing) Agreements
  • Foodservice Sanitation

Scope of Litigation

Mr. Tomaras’ background uniquely qualifies him as an expert in the field of hospitality operational management.  Nearly all cases turn on whether the hospitality operator has provided a reasonable standard of care in the circumstances.  Mr. Tomaras understands the duty of reasonable care that operators owe to both customers and employees.  His particular interest is premises security, and he is well versed in the elements of negligence and proximate cause.

Mr. Tomaras keeps current with the broad spectrum of employment law, and consults on negligent hiring or wrongful termination, as well as compliance with increasingly numerous laws on discrimination, including sexual harassment. Mr. Tomaras' extensive background in hospitality management, in teaching at the college level, and more recently in consulting, has enabled him to provide effective expert litigation support in more than 75 varied cases, e.g.:

  • A double murder in a hotel — Florida
  • Sexual assaults in hotels — Connecticut and Kentucky
  • Invasion of Privacy: Video of hotel guest through peephole — Tennessee
  • Drownings of young guests in hotel pools — Hawaii and Wisconsin
  • Deaths in hotels — Iowa, Texas, Illinois
  • Assaults in hotels and bars — Six states and Canada
  • Illegal dispensing of alcohol at bars — Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Illinois
  • Two assaults by bar bouncers — Illinois
  • Assault of hotel guest by bedbugs — Alabama
  • Electric shock in hotel pool — Wisconsin
  • Hot coffee spill — Ohio
  • Glass in food —Delaware
  • Falls in hotels and bars — many states and Egypt, Mexico
  • Violation of restaurant franchise non-compete clause — Illinois

Mr. Tomaras has advised bankers on proposed hotel and restaurant development projects, and has consulted developers of new hotel projects. Most recently, from its announcement in 2002 through its design, construction and equipping, to its August 2008 opening, Mr. Tomaras consulted the developer and University of Illinois officials on the development of the I Hotel & Conference Center on the UI campus in Champaign. He addressed all staff and trained senior staff in achieving total quality guest service.